Our Companies

Concordia International Corp.

Pinnacle Biologics, Inc. distributes Photofrin® in the U.S. territory and operates out of facilities in Chicago. For more information, please visit the Pinnacle Biologics website at www.pinnaclebiologics.com

Boucher and Muir is an Australian company founded in 1957 that sells specialist medical products in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. For more information, please visit the Boucher and Muir website at www.bnmgroup.com

Abcur is a specialty pharmaceutical company operating in the Nordic
Region. For more information, please visit the Abcur website at www.abcur.se

Concordia’s Orphan Drugs segment is intended to provide growth opportunities through the expansion into new indications and new markets for existing or acquired orphan drugs. In its initial execution of its orphan drug strategy, Concordia, through its subsidiaries, acquired the orphan drug, Photofrin®. Today, Photofrin® is the primary focus of the Orphan Drugs segment. Photofrin® is FDA-approved as a treatment for esophageal cancer, Barrett’s esophagus and non-small cell lung cancer. Concordia’s Orphan Drugs segment uses a third-party supply chain to produce and distribute Photofrin®, except for distribution to the U.S. territory, which distribution is completed by a Concordia affiliate, and product supplied in connection with clinical trials.

Concordia’s North America segment has a diversified product portfolio that focuses primarily on the United States pharmaceutical market. This portfolio of legacy pharmaceutical products consists of branded products and authorized generic contracts. The diversified product portfolio of Concordia’s North America segment represents a variety of dosage strengths, formulations and covers a range of therapeutic categories.

Concordia’s North America segment seeks to acquire and manage drugs that are in the maturity or legacy stage of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle and continue on a predictable revenue generation path. These products have a well-established record of safety and efficacy and a history of stable demand.

Operates an international specialty pharmaceutical business, owning a broad portfolio of branded and generic prescription products that are sold to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies in over 90 countries. Concordia International specializes in the acquisition, licensing and development of off-patent prescription medicines, which may be niche, hard-to-make products. Concordia International’s medicines are manufactured and sold through an out-sourced manufacturing network and marketed internationally through a combination of direct sales and local distribution relationships. Concordia International’s diversified product portfolio consists of 190 molecules, representing a variety of dosage strengths, formulations and geographic markets and covering a range of therapeutic categories, including endocrinology, neurology, ophthalmology and urology. For more information, visit www.concordiarxinternational.com.